General Roadmap
Roadmap for the Whole Project
​Severe Rise Games as a whole, focuses mainly on offering Play-to-Earn and NFT Games to our beloved supporters, gamers, players and investors. Thus, transforming traditional games to a new era of gaming universe as well as creating our own unique and exclusive games. Before digging further into the development of these games, we have lined up some important events as this project progresses. These events are divided into stages and become our short-to-long-term goals. Each stage will contain list of works that are needed to be done, then every achievement will be emphasized by a check mark. Completing all goals in a stage will let us proceed further to the next stage and/or achieving major goals in each and every stage.

βœ… Conceptualizing the Entire Project
βœ… Team Building
βœ… Deploying a Smart Contract through DxMint, the Contract is under BSC
βœ… Selecting an Old-School Game, NFTale, further info will be discussed under Games Roadmap​
βœ… Deploying Social Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Discord and Telegram
βœ… On-Going Private Sale
βœ… Propagating Domain and Subdomains
βœ… Finalizing Our Tokenomics
βœ… Locked 50% of Development Fund in DxLock for One Year
  • Finalizing Main Website
  • Finalizing Whitepaper Presentation
  • Selling All Tokens Allocated for Private Sale

  • Listing Our Token to DxLaunch for Pre-Sale
  • Locking Liquidity on PanCakeSwap and/or ApeSwap​
  • Opening the First Game's Beta Testing
  • Security Audit for Our Contract
  • Others

  • Listing Our Token to Coingecko and CoinMarketCap​
  • Listing to Other Exchanges
  • Additional Security Audit for Our Contract
  • Official Launching of Our First Game with Play-to-Earn Environment

  • Gathering of Ideas for the Next Game (2nd Game)
  • On-Going Development for the First Game
  • NFT Contract Deployment and Collaborating it to Our Games
  • Additional Market Listing for Our Token

  • TBA, so on and so forth
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